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Shanghai Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Ltd. [China]
Business range: Import/Export agent, International/National Purchase, Forwarder, Custom Broker, Transport, Warehouse(incl. many duty-free warehouses in China main cities).
华荣集团摩托车销售有限公司 [China]
华荣集团摩托车销售有限公司是一家专业从事摩托车销售,维修保养、配件供应、倡导摩托车文化的纳税人企业。公司自成立以来,始终贯彻“以人为本,诚信经营”的企业理念,一直恪守“产品销到哪里,服务跟到哪里”的服务宗旨。竭心尽力为广大消费者提供优质的产品和高效地服务,并为提高行业水准而不懈努力着。本公司已深受广大用户的信赖与支持。 公司现经营的品牌有:雅马哈、本田、宝马、川崎、铃木、所经营品牌都为行业内最具潜力,最具生命力的品牌。公司全体员工将本着精益求精,力求做到最好,认真负责地对待每一位消费者。我
CNBMIT Co., Ltd [China]
中建投商贸有限公司(国企),专业代理化工、五金、电子等产品的进出口,同时为广大客户提供报关、报检、中港运输等服务。 我司的优势: (1)海关总署评定的AA类贸易公司; (2)深圳市直通车大企业; (3)人民币贸易结算试点单位; (4)国有背景,资金充裕,信誉好; (5)代理进、出口服务,可安排先行垫付税款; (6)有两用物项出口资质,可代理相关产品出口 同时凭借着十几年的进出口服务经验和一支专业、专心、专注的服务队伍,相信定能为您提供高效、满意的服务。
Beijing Bolianxin Business Information Consultancy Centre [China]
Before exporting scrap materials to Chinese Mainland,the oversea company must register AQSIQ in china,our company can help the oversea company obtain the certification.
bowwin [China]
We import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded trade of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, in-flight articles, coal and mineral resources.
China Fantasy Travel [China]
China Fantasy Travel , based in Chengdu of southwest China and established in 2003, is to provide the English-speaking customers with insider's experience of China . We are making efforts to be the leading online China Travel planner and the best panda to
Eagle Keen Management Consulting Co.,Ltd [China]
WAL-MART/DISNEY/ICTI/BSCI/SEDEX/SA8000/WRAP… Corporate Social Responsible Certification
Ever Success Trading Co.,Ltd [China]
We import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded trade of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, in-flight articles, coal and mineral resources.
FAST NETWORK LOGISTICS CO.,LTD is a professional for handle the Import & export trading and goods declare company.
Front-line Int'l Inspection Service Co., Ltd [China]
We are specializing in providing professional Inspection for the shipment / quality examination and the technical service etc on behalf of the customers, so as to help customer share more market and reduce the inspection cost!
Guangdong Leder Optoelectronic Technology co, ltd [China]
Guangdong Leder Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the optoelectronic industry base, Yu Shu industry Zone, Science City, Guangzhou. LEDER is one of the professional and famous LED DISPLAY factories which specialize in R&D, design, productio
Guangzhou Attestation of Global Compliance Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. [China]
The whole company of AGC is always devoting to the ideality of Providing Qualified Certification and Committing to First Class Service! We are rapidly on our way to the goal by serving for the customer’s need all along and relying on the experienced
Guangzhou Baiyun district Shijing Oulang Stage lighting Audio equipment Factory [China]
Our factory is Specialized in all kind of professional stage lights including LED stage lights,Optic fiber machine,LED lights,Moving head lights,Computer light,Follow spot light,Spot soft light,Laser light,Outdoors light,Program effect light,Strobe light,
Guangzhou Guojian Medicine Consulting Service Co.,Ltd [China]
Guangzhou Guojian Medicine Consulting Service Co., Ltd(GJMC)is a certified consulting company specialized in providing cost-effective services of registration of import pharmaceutical products, heath products, medical devices, cosmetic products.
GZRudder Investment Consultant Co., Ltd. [China]
A Forwarder and Shipping Service Company Forarder: Including Indernational and Domestic Logistic Agency; Shipping Service: Provide Credit, Insurance, Trading, Salvage and facility service for Shipping.
Highway Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd [China]
We provide you China NVOCC application and office registration guide, and offer you sea air tranpostration service and logistics consultant training in China.
Highway.supply chain management [China]
Established in 2008 with a young man Mr Brooke Deng. We provide you China logistics marketing solution, Textile logistics solution, Media support and China NVOCC application.
Jiangyin Tsinghua Foamplastics Equipment Co., Ltd [China]
Jiangyin Tsinghua Foamplastics Equipment Co.,Ltd We are a technical EPS machinery manufacturer with over 17 years' experience. We make EPS Pre-expander (Batch and Continuous), Block Molding Machine (vacuum and air cooling), Silos, Block Cutting Line, CNC
Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd [China]
Dongtai machinery is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer. Provide the user the best solution, through long-term customer service has set up a perfect sales service system.
Jinan Yihai Century Industrial Co., Ltd. [China]
We are professional manufacturer for flange with about 10 years experience. Our products are exported to USA, Germany, Italy, Koria, Japan & some other countries. We can produce ANSI, DIN, JIS, UNI, BS standard flange. The available size is from 1/2" to 4
Import&Export Agent.Commditids Inspection&Qc Agent.Document-typing.Customs Clearance Agent.International Sea&Air Transporation Agent:Commodities Purchasing Agent.
MIKE [China]
We import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded trade of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, in-flight articles, coal and mineral resources.
NTEK Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. [China]
We import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded trade of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, in-flight articles, coal and mineral resources.
Qingdao Guosong Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. [China]
Hose Factory and Fitting Factory . Our main product is QDGY brand rubber brake hose Φ3.2mm×Φ10.5mm (1/8") produced according to American standards SAEJ1401 and also passed the quality test of China National Auto Testing Center.
Shandong Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd [China]
rock drilling tools,mining machinery parts
Shanghai Kearing Stationery Co. Ltd. [China]
Shanghai Kearing Stationery Co., Ltd. (Former-name: Shanghai Pudong Adger Sewing Accessories Co., Ltd.), established in 1995, is specialized in developing and producing professional tools for art and fashion design & handworks!
Shanghai Sagacity Logistics Co Ltd [China]
A professional logistics service forwarder in Shanghai. Major bussiness is Ocean fcl and consol transportation around the world from shanghai. Please contact us if you need .
Shanghai Suojin Computer Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
We import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded trade of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, in-flight articles, coal and mineral resources.
Shenzhen Escort [China]
Dear Gentleman Looking for passion with great fun in Shenzhen? Exclusive companion for your pleasure! For more details, please mail me. Regards, Lisa Mail: Lisa46(at)yahoo(at)cn Shenzhen Independent escort Shenzhen massage
ShenZhen Royal Pacific corp. [China]
Supply for hotel at telephone, electrical kettel , bathroom scale, steam iron , ironing board,iron organizer , hair dryer ,hand dryer, refrigerator, towel cabine,safe box,alarm clock ,alarm clock ,extra bed,luggage rack, wooden hanger and anitaryware
Shenzhen, China Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen, China Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. ocean: the Ministry of Shipping to provide you with the main import and export containers and bulk of miscellaneous goods door-to-door transport services, ...
Shenzhen,XiaoErDuo Power Adapter CO.,LTD. [China]
There are 5 categories function power supply for you choice: Waterproof wall-hanging power supply series; Indoor multiple ways power supply series; Switching network power supply series; Low frequency transformer series; Switching power adaptor
Tianjin Consol International.Co.Ltd [China]
Tianjin Consol International Co., Ltd. As the professional freight forwarder approved by National Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy, we are also a National Class-A forwarder and a member of Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association as we
Ting Un Product Service Co.,Ltd. [China]
We import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded trade of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, in-flight articles, coal and mineral resources.
Winpal Electronics Co., Ltd. [China]
Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter for DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Receivers as well as MID Tablet PC.
Wuhan Falaili Auto parts Co.,LTD [China]
Wuhan Falaili Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded on Oct. 1, 2000, is a limited liability company manufacturing, processing, and trading automobiles. We welcome friends in automobile industry all over the world for auto business talks.
Wynns Tools Co.,Ltd [China]
Wynns Tools Guangzhou Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with the combination of products development, manufacturing, processing and selling.
Xiamen Transcend Logistics Co., Ltd [China]
TRANSCEND LOGISTICS is a Class-A shipping forwarder in Xiamen China which is registered from the Ministry of Commerce of China. She has get 10 years experience in sea freight, air freight and rail transportation since 1999.
上海德廉广告有限公司 [China]
德廉品牌构想成立于2000年,以广告摄影起家,并制作、设计和印刷企业宣传样本。德廉共有4位台湾籍及中国籍的资深摄影师,多名专业的平面设计师,从业经验在6-20年;在硬件方面,拥有1000平方米的专业摄影棚和印刷厂,其中印刷厂的机器是德国产的Roland(罗莱)和Heidelberg(海德堡); 作为品牌专家,我们将本地与全球网络相结合,为国内外客户打造品牌、策划和实施强有力的营销活动。
上海运飞国际贸易有限公司 [China]
上海运飞国际贸易有限公司成立于2002年,是注册在上海浦东新区外高桥保税区内的外贸专业公司。公司配有专业的海关监管车队和加工、仓储保税仓库。配有专业的进出口贸易操作人员,熟悉保税区、物流园区的操作流程。长期以来与海关等相关部门建立了良好的合作关系。 公司主营机械设备、设备配件、电子、电器、汽车零配件类商品的进出口贸易。 本着“一切为了客户的荣誉”的宗旨,并依靠着与各相关行业的良好合作关系,公司专业提供包括报关、仓储、运输、配送、进出口代理、转口贸易代理等多种服务项目在内的“一站式”服务
东莞市钛涂实业有限公司 [China]
义乌达标塑料彩印厂 [China]
本厂座落在环境优美交通便捷的义乌市义南工业园,是一家专业生产凹凸扣自封塑料包装袋的企业。本着与日俱进的创业理念,内强职工素质,外强企业形象,加大技术设备投入,先后引进多台先进的凹凸扣塑料吹膜机,全电脑光电跟踪制袋机和六色五色印刷机,配有几十条生产流水线,在全厂职工共同努力下,在激烈市场竟争中大浪淘沙,产品远销全国各地,通过外贸公司先后出口到日本、美国、俄罗斯、葡萄牙和许多中东国家。   企业产品已全面通过ISO9001国际质量体系认证,坚持以“以人为本、科学管理、技术创新、规范操作、持续改进、满足顾客”
北京卓睿广告公司 [China]
太原普利豪科技有限公司 [China]
广州MAKT工程有限公司 [China]
随着移动通信的高速发展,给人们的生活带来了极大的方便,移动电话用户量的急剧增长,一方面促进了经济和科技的发展,推动了社会的进步,但另一方面,由于现代城市的复杂建筑而造成手机接通率低漫游不畅,掉线等现象。如"写字楼,工厂,商场,饭店,酒楼,娱乐城,地下停车场,地下室,电梯"等。在信息化的时代如出现以上情况对各商家的商机和生意造成了严重的影响。 针对这些情况本公司经过多年的研究,开发和生产,成功推出了 “AKT”系列产品,AKT系列手机信号放大器可克服室内手机接通率低,漫游不畅,掉线等现象,
广州立达国际快递代理有限公司 [China]
我司目前的服务有专人专递、特快专递、TNT、中速TNT、EMS、DHL、FEDEX、UPS、国际专线及 空运等国际速递公司密切合作,为各客户提供安全、及时的门到门环球速递。 立达国际快递代理有限公司通过多年的实践操作,积累了丰富的货运经验.秉承“品质第一、信誉至上” 坚持同客户风雨同舟,与客户携手并进,致力于为客户提供最优惠的价格、最优质的服务为顾客创造价值,是 我们的行动准则.我公司竭诚为广大国内外客户提供超值优质的运输服务.
广州鹏程进出口有限公司 [China]
本公司主要经营代办商检,进出口服务,港口通关单等。本公司秉承“顾客至上,锐意进取”的经营理念,坚持“客户第一”的原则为广大客户提供优质的服务。欢迎广大企业客户惠顾跟合作! 专业代办各类商检服务。欢迎来电洽谈!价格合理可长期合作!
武汉华裕总观园国际商务度假酒店 [China]
沃证国际测试认证中心北京办事处 [China]
EUROCERT(欧证)检验认证有限公司 : 是欧盟最大的检测认证机构之一, 也是一家全球性的机构, 遍布希腊,英国,意大利, 土耳其,保加利亚,印度,罗马尼亚等国家。EUROCERT总部拥有众多工程技术及科研人员, 为欧盟公告认证机构,公告号为1128,其认证指令范围包括:电梯、压力设备、建筑材料、机械、简单压力容器、低压电器、电磁兼容等欧盟指令。EUROCERT经欧盟成员国核准认可,可对各工业产品进行周期性监测包括固定容器、运输型压力容器、焊接品、举升机械、电梯及运送危险物品车辆-ADR。 EUROC
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